The Silver Spoon: Making Wedding Days Sparkle

Things at this wedding venue in Joplin, Missouri, are starting to look brighter.

After considering several ways to enhance their look, the owners of The Silver Spoon Barn decided to add some lovely striped awnings the exterior of their modified barn to give it a pop of color.

From the First Look to the Send Off

As you can see in the first picture, they’ve already turned this barn into a gorgeous place for weddings and events, but putting striped canvas awnings over the windows adds  dimension and just the right amount of distinction.

For almost all businesses with a visible exterior, designing sunshades for your business front is an easy way to increase the visual interest of your building while maintaining the design aesthetic.

Keeping Them Interested

Next on the list for The Silver Spoon: shutters on either side of the windows to complete the look!

The owners are very pleased and excited about the new awnings, and they’re certain their clientele will appreciate the upgrade as well.


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