Cover Your Walkways

If there’s a bit of a walk between the parking lot and your front doors, then a canvas awning will provide some relief from the weather when your patrons walk underneath it. Rain, snow, sleet, or too-hot sun–a covering will protect people from all of the above as they enter your business. Plus, it gives them a covered area where they can get their rain gear back on after they leave your store.

In this particular case, we’ve got a church where lots of parents, babies, and elderly congregants are dropped off at the doors, and as you can see, there’s a nice, big awning to keep them dry on their way into the sanctuary.

Plus, a covering will also protect your doors and windows from sun damage, and can help keep your utility bills a little more manageable in the spring and summer.

custom canvas entry coverage awning
custom canvas awning entrance shade


Have you ever been driving somewhere for the first time, only to pass it by because you missed the sign? The GPS app on your phone can only help so much when a business doesn’t have an obvious sign.

A bright, eye-catching custom awning with your name on it will make it very difficult for customers to miss your business. And they’ll thank you for making it so easy to find.

Brand Awareness

Branding is about consistency. The same font, the same logo icon, the same colors: all of these add up to tell people instantly who you are, so when they see that same combination of colors, font, and icon later, you’re the first thing they think of. A custom canvas awning with your logo on it is perfect for raising brand awareness and reinforcing that recognition.

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