Keeping Your Business Cool (or Warm) and Profitable

It’s your business to serve customers and make a profit! But when the weather hits extremes, utility bills skyrocket and business is affected.

Both indoor and outdoor window shade screens are energy efficient, and they help lower your utility bills! In the summer, they limit solar heat gain inside the building. In the winter, they help conserve heat.

Striking Colors Bring Brand Awareness

It’s all about drawing positive attention to your business, right? That’s why, at Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products, we use a wide variety of fabrics for window shade screens, so you can choose from numerous colors, patterns and weaves that more closely resemble natural materials for a custom look that fits your style and needs.

Sunbrella has been a powerhouse in the fabrics industry for years. Offering incredible quality, durability, color saturation, and longevity, it is a favorite for a reason.

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