Superior Truck & Equipment Enclosures

Our design team safeguards equipment for aerospace, oil & gas, and other high-impact industries. We preserve a wide range of equipment using custom enclosures, each one made to fit the specific needs of the industry. Every one of our industrial truck and equipment covers are custom fit to your job site applications.

Custom Fit, Durable materials, lasting quality

Custom design for a perfect fit. Each of our equipment or engine covers is custom designed and fitted. Multiple straps and buckles are installed to hold panels in place. We can design clear vinyl windows, custom doors, and roll up flaps to accommodate different operators’ needs.

Every industrial cover is built to last. Made in the USA, our storage covers are constructed from heavy-duty, reinforced vinyl and canvas. For storage applications, we use high-quality 18 and 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester fabrics. For high-temperature needs, we use silicone, fiberglass or Kevlar fabrics.

Weather the toughest conditions. Protect your equipment against a variety of conditions with weather-proof, reinforced snap-and-Velcro double closure system. We design our covers to protect sensitive equipment from heat, humidity, extreme cold and air borne sand and dust. They will last through many years of use.

Supporting the Aircraft Industry with Canvas for a Wide Variety of Needs

Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products offers canvas covers for the aircraft industry: jet engine shipping covers, engine inlet covers, engine exhaust covers, and inspection booths for black-lite and mag particle inspection.

We make covers and other canvas products for your commercial and military engines and aircraft. Each of our engine covers is custom designed and fitted. Our storage covers are made from heavy duty, reinforced vinyl.

Custom Made High Temperature Bags

Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products produces high temperature bags and canvas products for industrial applications such as heater bags for the polyethylene pipe industry.

These high temperature bags are built from either silicone, fiberglass or Kevlar fabrics, depending on the temperature protection need. We can create high temperature bags, which can withstand heat for a range of temperatures between 200°F and 1000°F.

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