Custom Covers

Not all industrial equipment covers are created equal, and getting the right fit often poses a challenge.

We created this custom protective cover to keep airplane wing segments safe during transport. In addition, we build canvas covers for the aircraft industry: jet engine shipping covers, engine inlet covers, engine exhaust covers, and inspection booths for black-lite and mag particle inspection.

This industry support extends to both commercial and military engines and their aircraft as well. Each of our engine covers fits precisely to specifications. No matter what size, shape, or purpose you need, we provide custom canvas or vinyl products to get the job done.

Beyond Canvas Covers

We customize canvas, vinyl, and fabric, silicone, fiberglass, and even Kevlar fabrics for any industrial cover. From these large airplane wing segments to tiny water meters, and more, our products fit your need. Each of our custom canvas products create unique and durable barriers for indoor or outdoor use.

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