Best protection? Cover your asset

If you’re not using your boat, cover it. Even if your boat has its own space indoors, a good cover will protect it from dust, accidents, and even little critters like mice.

When storing your boat outside

A simple boat cover can prevent damage from weather – or even just the sun’s rays. And while we believe everyone with a boat should have a boat cover, if you live in Oklahoma or Arkansas, it’s almost imperative that you secure your boat with a custom canvas cover each and every time you put it away.

Custom design fits like a glove

Custom canvas covers fit snugly across the top and sides of your boat – effectively sealing it from harm. Custom built for your specific craft, our boat covers are made most often from Sunbrella fabric, so you can be sure the quality is in place. If you’d like to schedule a quick estimate, call us at (918) 438-4040 anytime.


We provide a large variety of fully customized commercial awnings at competitive prices.


Get canvas covers for industrial use to protect your industrial vehicles from varied weather conditions.

Why Choose Us?

From concept to creation, we work closely with you to create the perfect canvas solution to meet your needs.