Chick-Fil-A needed special vinyl protection panels to protect employees working out in the drive-thru areas. We collaborated with fabricator VentAir to create these custom protection panels.

Daniel Hayes, former owner of OCCP, and current owner Jody Herrel talk about the project.

Tell us a little bit about the project.

“VentAir was working with a national fast-food restaurant, trying to develop a structure and some protection for their employees that work out in the drive thru areas.”

“They had a concept for the structure that they fabricate and were needing something to protect the inside of that structure. So we fabricated and helped design vinyl protection panels to go on three sides of this unit.”

“Then they wanted to put heaters in for the winter time. So we had to recreate, adapt and make a new set and style of protection panels to put on those newer units.”

Collaboration: from concept to final revisions.

“Well, they had a basic concept, an idea of what they wanted but didn’t know how to get to the end result. That’s where they needed our help. We helped with the design of both the first revisions, and the second revisions of those panels.”

“The last purchase order they sent us was for 115 sets. We’ve probably worked with VentAir on these sets for probably the last nine months or so. They were expecting to create 10 – 20 sets per week, so they could ship those out across the country.”

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