Daniel Hayes, former owner of OCCP, and current owner Jody Herrel talk about creating custom screens for dumpster doors and roof appliances.

Screens for architectural look + hide unsightly elements

“Every building, every facility, every business has a trash dumpster. No one wants to see those unsightly products on the property. So they build a three-sided brick or block wall and we fabricate a trash door that hides the front of that. It’s accessible through those doors, so the trash trucks can get in and out and use the facility.“

“Anybody in the construction field that wants to have a more architectural look and hide some of the unsightly things that have to be put into a store, like air conditioning units and vents and things they prefer customers drive up and don’t see.”

“The dumpster doors, the architectural look on the roofs. These are products that we can produce for pretty much anyone. We can certainly customize and develop a screen that would meet your needs as well.”

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