Proudly She Waves

You see a large American flag waving proudly in the sky above a business – what does it inspire in you? A flag represents your beliefs, values, and proudly declares freedom to the world. It gallantly waves through good days and bad, through sunny skies and fierce storms.

But around here, from Kansas and Missouri, to Oklahoma and Arkansas, the weather can be rough. High winds, humidity, tornadoes, hail, and even ice storms can cause damage to these beautiful banners. 

On Caring for Flags

As Americans, it is our duty to keep our flags intact and in good repair as they fly above our homes and businesses. Sadly, most people usually throw their flag away without ceremony or care. They replace them at great expense and loss of tradition. They stand as testimonies to America standing the test of time. 

Proper Flag Disposal

Did you know there are specific duties and directives for disposing of a badly damaged flag? How we treat this symbol of our union as a nation has a lot to say about us as a people, so before you throw out a flag, read these rules. 

Our Honor, Our Duty

So here at Oklahoma Custom Canvas, we consider it an honor to repair American flags. Your American flag does so much to represent who you are to the world, so send them to us to repair! Call us at (918) 438-4040 for a free estimate, and we’ll get Old Glory back to waving in no time.

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