Food Suppliers Dilemma

In the heart of COVID, food suppliers like Chick-Fil-A scrambled to find adequate measures for a whole new level of health precautions and ways to reduce the spread of disease.

For a short moment, everyone stood still in bewilderment. How to you protect people, but still come close enough to give them food? The virus, it seemed, had won over poverty and hunger. But then…

Ingenuity Battles COVID

Inside this frightening time, creativity and ingenuity forced it’s way to the forefront with the bright light of possibility.

Plexi-glass, vinyl and canvas took on new roles as barriers between customer and food supplier. Chick-Fil-A became one of the first to act. Here at Oklahoma Custom Canvas, we jumped on board to create panels for the drive-through teams. The was to allow them to stay close enough to take an order to give food and drink to the customer without coming into full contact with them.

Building and Rebuilding Protective Panels

These panels were the first generation style designed to provide a clear booth to support the massive drive-through clientele coming to Chick-Fil-A each day. We have since modified the window sizes to better accommodate the personnel.

We worked with Ventaire Corporation to get the aluminum structures fabricated, then we supplied the vinyl panels (3 panels per set) and the aluminum split rail extrusions.

The Production Details

Each panel has ¼” rope sewn in the hem on the sides and at the top. The split rail extrusions are attached to the aluminum structure and then sent to be powder coated. The panels slide into the split rail extrusion at the top and then the sides are fed in at the same time.

Ventaire Corporation sent the aluminum structures to each location without the vinyl panels installed, keeping the vinyl panels from being damaged during transit.

The two zippers per panel allow the panels to be unzipped and rolled up during warmer weather! Once these panels are rolled up they are held in place with a 1” webbing strap and nylon side-release buckles.

Installation and the Final Look

Installation of the vinyl panels once the structure is secured in place takes approximately 30 minutes. This a nice clean look to the panel and makes for a simple installation in the field. 

Industrial Covers Built to Last

Made in the USA, our storage covers are constructed from heavy-duty, reinforced vinyl and canvas. We even offer silicone, fiberglass, and Kevlar for high-temperature usage.

Need custom canvas or vinyl for your business?

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