A historic home makes for a delightful ambiance, but it can be difficult to define yourself from the curb. Branding your business front for the street traffic isn’t easy. Especially when they may not be able to look past the graceful old building someone used to call home.

What you need is signage that clearly defines who you are without detracting from the architecture, history, or style of the structure.

That’s why awnings are a wonderful touch to brand your business front. Awnings have a way of attracting the eye without being too modern, informal, and commonplace.

Adding branding, wayfinding, and even a bright pop of color with a text logo like this Allstate sign works magic for advertising and getting the job of branding done. With the right fabric and design, your awning will blend into the ambiance of the old place while still drawing eyes…and customers.

We can help you think through all the ways to blend the style of your building with the shape and fabric to bring you the foot traffic you know is possible.

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