Jody Herrel, owner of OCCP, talks about one of their recent canvas projects for Ace High.

Tell us a little bit about the project?

“So we work with a subcontractor. Their name is Ace High. He was looking for a breathable mesh to help this process, and we sat down with him, showed him what we could do. We made it a one stop shop where we could fabricate everything together.”

“Once he received the pose for these screens, their main objective was to cover or hide all their mechanical equipment on their rooftop. So on Ace High’s end, they just provide us with a purchase order of which units they need.”

Could you tell us about the process?

“There are multiple different rooftop units and other options for these stores, and we fabricate them all. Then we let them know when they’re done, and they come pick them up. These screens go up when the store is being built. There’s always something changing when you do a ground up construction.”

“So there’s times that the PO may change from they need a set of screens, you know, a month out too we’re ready and we need them next week. So we’re adaptable in that regard that that a lot of times we can make that happen.”

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